Friday, 24 May 2013

Document: Appeal against conscription 1952

Copy of document: from the editorial offices of the Syndicalist Workers Federation (paper: Direct Action) to Richard Pankhurst:-


25a Amberley Road.
London, W.9

November 5th, 1952

Richard Pankhurst.

Dear Comrade,

Very many thanks for sending us the material on your C.O. tribunal.  After discussion, we decided that publication in the form of a letter from yourself might well have the effect of prejudicing your appeal, and that it would be better to put it in the form of an article.    We hope this will be o.k.

                Hoping you will keep us informed of developments, and that your appeal will be successful.

Every good wish,

Yours fraternally,

 [copy unsigned]

for editorial office 

Note:  According to the National Archives website most National Service records, including those for appeals tribunals, were destroyed, so this letter, along with the letter to which it replies, and the article to which it refers (neither located yet ) may be something of a rarity.

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