Thursday, 12 November 2015

40-year-old Pamphlet now to be available in Portuguese

Mulheres na Revolução Espanhola

One of the pamphlets now associated with this blog, originally published by the London Solidarity group in 1975 as Solidarity Pamphlet No.48, has now been translated into Portuguese,* in Brazil, from the definitive 2010 text, with additional footnotes. 
*Link to unrevised draft. The intention is to publish a bilingual Portuguese-English edition. 

Women in the Spanish Revolution by Liz Willis (Author's 2010 edition).

Copies of the 2010 version as above are usually available at RaHN meetings and on their stalls at bookfairs.

A Manchester edition, also of 2010, courtesy of the late Bob Miller, is attractively presented (below) but beware mistakes due to mis-scans copied from the internet (some of these may have been corrected in more recent years, since the idea was to print on demand rather than in bulk quantities). 
About the cover, which was his own work, Bob wrote that the final version was his fourth: 
“The image is called ‘Youth’, by an artist called Sim. It is of a young 16-year-old CNT militia member in 1936. It is part of a collection he [the artist] did that year as a fund-raiser for the CNT-FAI.”