Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Update on Pamphlets: one new, two expanded and a translation

Now available, A5 pamphlets:

NEW this summer
Mary Wollstonecraft and the Doctors  (July 2017 edition), 16pp. Price marked £1.50
(Text also available in different format on this blog.)

IMPROVED this autumn

Women in the Spanish Revolution (author's 2010 text) and article 'Personalities and Power in Spain, 1936-39: Dolores Ibárruri and Federica Montseny', 20pp. Price marked £1.50.

Invergordon 1931. Shipshape and Mutiny Fashion: How they Fought the Pay Cuts. Now with additional material. 16pp. Suggested price £1.00.

TRANSLATION into Portuguese

STILL AVAILABLE: What is Libertarian History? (2011) 12pp. 90p 

Copies of most SmothPubs pamphlets may be purchased through  AK Press and Distribution, Some may appear at RaHN events or in Housmans bookshop

The new editions may also be on sale (for the first time) at one or two stalls at the London Anarchist Book Fair on Saturday 28th October.

UPDATE (Spring 2018): The Portuguese translation as above is now available as a pdf online via http://www.anarquista.net/ - virtual anarchist library.

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