Monday, 21 January 2013

Self-Publishing Surge Continues: Two to watch

Pete Grafton, author of YOU, YOU & YOU!  The People Out of Step with World War II (Pluto Press, 1981)  has recently started his own blog at <>. He intends to publish the original, longer version of the book online in late Spring, and to follow it with an interesting new project resulting from his work on letters written in the late 1940s to and from Glasgow, Cairo, and Porton Down. YOU, YOU & YOU!  pioneered a type of historical method which is now much more generally accepted, even in mainstream academic circles, as both valid and important: encouraging non-famous, non-line-toeing people who were there to speak in their own words about what it was like.

YOU, YOU & YOU!  is now being published on-line. Chapters uploaded so far can be found in a Word version here
Telling what it was like to be a work Christmas worker in a postal sorting office, Paul Petard’s excellent small (A6) pamphlet “They used to give us cake” is to be followed by others in an ‘eclectic series’ – see – good news for radical and libertarian historians.