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Document: Silvio Corio and the Syndicalist Workers Federation 1953

Copy of a letter from Silvio Corio to the Syndicalist Workers Federation (SWF) about their forthcoming Conference, with mention of Richard Pankhurst:-

New Times and Ethiopia News  [headed paper]


Editor: E. Sylvia Pankhurst

Oct. 8 ‘53

Dear Com. Green,

Many thanks for notification of Conference.  If you could favour me with the date when it will effectively be held I should be grateful. I will attend – if permitted – merely as an observer. And – if you have no objection –  I will take with me Richard. He is very interested in the Labour Movement of today. Before long his book on Wm. Thompson will be published by Messrs. Watts & Co. It should have appeared already but these people are so slow. He is now teaching Economics for the W.E.A. at Woolwich, thanks to his Ph.D. degree. He wants to know, at first hand, the opinions of English workers of today. A few days ago I had a letter from Alan Smith quite favourable to your work. You know him of course.

Best wishes,


S. Corio


The New Times and Ethiopia News was begun by Silvio Corio and Sylvia Pankhurst in response to Mussolini’s attack on Ethiopia and continued as an anti-fascist and anti-imperialist paper until  the mid 1950s.

A short biography of Silvio Corio can be found at – not much about his last years. This correspondence may fill the picture out a little.
See also  The North East London Anarchist Group: A short history ... founded in 1946”, <> by Nick Heath. This mentions Alan Smith and Peter Green as well as Corio himself (also Mario Mantovani), as in letters in the set currently being published here.

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