Friday, 1 September 2017

Prelude to 1968? - Lake Como, Italy, summer 1967

The anarchist summer camp that took place in Italy 50 years ago this summer seems to have virtually disappeared from the historical record, at least as far as online sources are concerned, despite the fact that the following year, around the time of the May Events, it briefly acquired an aura of notoriety when it emerged that Daniel Cohn-Bendit and his brother had been among those attending. Had it been, as alleged, an occasion for international conspiring or even a training-ground to foment unrest, leading to riot and revolution?

Well, no, or no more so than the more optimistic anarchists might normally hope to make it, although no doubt lively discussions took place and useful contacts may have been made.

This small set of tattered photographs is a reminder that it did happen, even if it didn't look much like the popular idea of revolutionary anarchists a-plotting, and that a good time was had by many.


A peaceful setting
"The boat of the camping".
(Advance publicity claimed it would be possible to cross to Como by boat)

Not even a nudist orgy

A family-friendly cafe.
Useful Italian phrase: Due panini con burro.

Or of course communal cooking, even if it sometimes took a while...

... to the occasional despair of famished campers, as in
"Je ne crois plus aux frites!"

The local population remained largely unimpressed.

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