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A Trip to the Mainland from Stornoway, 1952

Written by a Stornoway shopkeeper to her niece.

The writer with two great-nieces in her back garden, Stornoway, c1952

Athol Private Hotel
St. Leonards Bank
8th Sept. 1952

Dear Peggy,

  I have posted today a doll for Alison - but couldn't think of anything to post Dimpy [
nickname] - so if you think the parcel should be hidden until there is something for Herself - just Hide. - What can I get for her? The shops here are no better than at home - indeed I think Jumpers & baby clothes are much nicer in D---- [Doug’s? - Stornoway shop, probably] The navy blue wool & coarse stocking are for her wellingtons & if they are any good I can get more - or any finer wool - for Alison. As I am not buying "Ready Mades" I can get wool & materials.

 We haven't heard from SY [
Stornoway] since we left.- The red Jumper is a Marks & Spencer - also the "Lindsay Maid" [label] not the blue coat - nor the navy Jersey. My shopping is not a success. Can't get anything to fit but Hats. & I'll never 'Kahn' [criticise verbally, slag off; phonetic from Gaelic] Wilkie [presumably another Stornoway shop, or mail order?]again - after seeing the price of O.S. Suits, £29 - £33!!

How are the Girls - I miss them - & will be quite ready to return.

MA [Mary Ann]

"Dimpy" a few years earlier,
probably taken outside Mary Ann's shop in North Beach Street.

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